Bioactive bone graft substitutes for spinal fusion — Key thoughts from Dr. Hyun Bae

The traditional fusion material — collecting bone graft from the iliac crest — lost traction when BMP became available. Now, fewer surgeons are trained in iliac crest bone harvesting, says Dr. Bae, but BMP isn’t always the best option for spinal fusion patients.
“As the aging population increases and we are starting to do more surgeries that require spinal fusions, we are augmenting our fusion with BMP, synthetics and allografts instead of autograft,” says Dr. Bae. “BMP is a potent molecule and its commercial growth has slowed due to its side effects. The viable alternative is allograft and synthetics. We’ve seen multiple companies develop allograft products that retain cellular components, whether this addition improves fusion success is still unknown. What I like is the much needed research and development efforts currently in the allograft market to improve allograft performance. However, research and development in the synthetic market has been relatively stagnant. We need significant improvements in synthetic grafting as well.”

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Written by Laura Dyrda | Tuesday, 31 January 2017 11:05